Limousine Service Drivers


Chauffeurs OR Limousine Drivers


US Limo World employs chauffeurs locally and all are employees. The criterion for which a chauffeur is accepted is of the highest standards in the industry.US Limo World insurance carrier must approve all new chauffeurs. In addition, each new chauffeur must pass a drug and alcohol test and obtain a Virginia/Maryland For-Hire license, which requires a complete background check.

A. All new chauffeurs must pass a training course. Training includes an orientation about US Limo World procedures and on-the-road training with a senior chauffeur.

B. All new chauffeurs are required to view education videos on defensive driving techniques and customer service.

C. US Limo World requires all chauffeurs to wear black suits, white shirts, and black ties. Chauffeurs are instructed to keep their jacket and tie on at all times. They are encouraged to be personable and polite but to speak only when spoken to.

D. Chauffeurs are briefed each night on their next day’s assignments and given a detailed itinerary for each job.

E. All US Limo World chauffeurs are expected to assist passengers with their luggage and personal effects without the passenger having to request such service.

F. Whether it is late at night or the middle of the day, our chauffeurs will escort clients to their door and wait until they are safely inside before departing. G. Bilingual chauffeurs are available upon request.

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